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KPTUR, the new in-game photo plateform

Prize Pool : Graphic Card Sapphire NITRO+ Radeon RX 6800 XT OC SE 16GB, Sony PS5 Standard Edition, , MS XBOX Series X & S, Nintendo Switch oled edition, Dozen of Games...

Kptur, the new reference for virtual photographers

Hi, here is the new app for virtual photographers !
If you’re both into gaming and photography, this place is yours.
Now you can like, edit and share your most beautiful ingame screenshots to the world.
It is great time to let them know about you !

Simple, fluid, user friendly
Outstanding image resolution
Your screenshots displayed on full screen
Organise your photo gallery
Edit & share your most beautiful screenshots !

What is KPTUR ?


Prize Pool : PS5, XBOX, Switch, Graphic Card & Games..

Hi Kpturians 🎮 📸 !

To celebrate Kptur's launch on IOS & Android, we’re proud to announce you the biggest VP contest in history that will highlight our users’s talent and creativity.

Through this contest, we really wanted to thank you, YOU Kpturians and all these Game Development Studios and other Video Game Publishing Houses that have made us dreaming for so long now.

How to participate

Two competitions will be open :

- One where Mods are accepted.
- One where Mods are forbidden.

1/ All Virtual Photographers around the world can participate.
2/ You can participate in BOTH contests.

For this you will absolutely need :

- Download KPTUR.
- Register & create an account.
- Follow & be subscribed to this account (where you will see the ad, Insta/Twitter/FB..)
- Share this contest on your wall.
- Tag under this post 3 peoples..well ok..2 will be enough ;)


- You will have to choose throughout these three months that the contest lasts MAXIMUM 3 screenshots (3 per contest, if you participate in both, you will therefore ba able to propose a MAXIMUM of 6 screenshots).

- Your screenshots must be accompanied on KPTUR by the hashtag #kpturkontestsnomod for NON-MODED screenshots and by the hashtag #kpturkontestsmod for MODED screenshots.

Any Screenshots WITHOUT one of these hashtags will be considered NON-PARTICIPATING and therefore will not be judged.


- A cosmopolitan jury of 7 excellent VP's already known to the world of Virtual Photography will be responsible for sorting then judging, then deliberating throughout these three months that this competition will last to reveal a selection of screenshots.

- These Screenshots will be displayed on Kptur's Discord AND here, on our Landing Page.

- THEN in a second time, once the selection made by our jury, THE ENTIRE KPTUR COMMUNITY will be put to the test.
You will vote to finally elect your most beautiful screenshots that will win these wonderful prizes.

The community will only be able to vote for security reasons on our Discord.

To know : Each of our jury will be entitled to ONE joker and only ONE joker during this second phase.
He will be able to give it to the screenshot of his choice and so give it a boost of 33,33% more votes

Prize pool

1 Graphic Card Sapphire NITRO+ Radeon RX 6800 XT OC SE 16GB
5 Sony PS5 Standard Edition
2 MS XBOX Series X
2 MS XBOX Series S
3 Nintendo Switch oled edition

- All winners will choose the prize they want from the remaining prizes -

1 - The BIG winner (in terms of votes) will have the honor of choosing FIRST.

2 - After that, the first, second and third of each contest.

3 - Then the fourth and fifth of each contest.

4 - Then the sixths of each contest.

a/ If at one point the case arises where two participants want the same prize, a DRAW between the two will be carried out.

b/ If the prize can't be sent to the winner's country, the money value will be sent instead.

c/ A participant can have several shots qualified by our jury for the second round, which will therefore increase their chances of winning, but ONLY their highest shot will be considered for the second round votes.
A participant can therefore ONLY win ONE prize.


Yohan Bensemhoun

Ex-Journalist / Animator / Producer

Journalist for 8 years at and now animator as well as producer, Yohan is passionate about world of video games.
Virtual reality, independent games, international shows : many parts of this sector have fascinated him since he was young.

Under his pseudonym Panthaa, he works on different media : in writing, on video, but also in streaming in order to interact directly with the public.
He enjoys analazing market trends, novelties in terms of creation, spotting today and tomorrow's gem.


In-Game Artist

Maxence, French In-Game Artist only on Playstation.

I take photos on all Playstation games with a photo mode, including independent games.


Virtual Photographer

I'm @jackdaw.vp (IG), also known as Lynn.
Joining Instagram in 2019, I quicly fell in love with Virtual Photography when I found it existed.
Starting with Fallout and BioShock photos, I made my way to the Red Dead Redemption community.
I've met so many wonderful people (including my partner !) from being able to share my love of photography and video games.
I look forward to seeing everyone's entries !

Rock a Hilly

Virtual Photographer

Hey there, I'm Rock a Hilly, born in Poland live in Germany, playing video games since 1990, consoles, PC , retro games..
..had everything done ;)
Started VP long time ago, at first for desktop backgrounds until I found people posting their pictures at social platforms.
5 years ago, I've won a contest of Mad Max Official VP Contest and that was like the start of evolving and keep getting even more creative on edits and taking shots.
With KPTUR we all have finally an App that is just about games and VP and I'm so Lucky to be a part of it.
Keep up work, keep getting better and get inspired by all those amazing creators !

Prophets Codex

Virtual Photographer

Hello my name is Jeff, been doing Virtual Photography for about 18 months.
I'm a MetalHead that loves BBQ & Beer.
Love playing the games, taking the pics and sharing my gaming experiences.
Editing not so much haha..
Lastly love this community and supporting anyway possible.


Virtual Photographer

Hi ! I'm Macko,  Virtual Photographer living in Japan.
When the pandemic forced me to put all my hobbies on pause, such as travel and gospel music, I happened to pick up a copy of Ghost of Tsushima for PlayStation 4 and was completely fascinated by the graphics / story / Jin Sakai the main character.
Since then, I have been shooting VPs of "Ghost of Tsushima" and "Ghost of Tsushima DIRECTER'S CUT" and posting them almost everyday for over 2 years, on Instagram (I also post VPs of other games).

I have enjoy shooting VPs and I try to make them engaging so that I can share that enjoyment with the people who see my VPs.

I am looking forward to meeting other enthusiastic Virtual Photographers through this contest.

Tim VP

Virtual Photographer

Hi my name is Tim !
You'll find me as CthulhuVp on KPTUR.
I'm 30 years old and I've been doing Virtualphotography for more than 5 years now.
I've started back in the days with my PS4 playing Hellblade.
I admired that game and started to take photos of it.
One of these photos was the my very first post on social media.

When I discovered and tested the KPTUR app I was amazed by the user friendly interface and the gaming focused data one can use to sort the pictures.
It's a great place to share VP and meet other artists.

Quentin CLS [Réalité]

Unreal Engine Artist
Virtual Photographer

Hello everyone !
I'm Quentin, I started Virtual Photography by opening my Instagram page in 2021.
It was for me the opportunity to link two passions : Photography & Video games.

Afterwards, I wanted to create my own universe on Unreal Engine and I really like working on it.
I also participated to two Game Jam for Unreal Engine France.


Screenshots selected by our Jury

Full list of screenshots selected is available on our Discord, this is also where you can vote !

Full list of screenshots selected is available on our Discord, this is also where you can vote !

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